Sleepform 25cm Temp Control Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress

The TempControl Deluxe has a third more body conforming memory foam than our standard TempControl mattress. The Deluxe mattress provides a luxurious feel with the additional support and is particularly beneficial for back and neck trouble, or perhaps a little extra indulgence to get a great night sleep. 

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Sleepform 25cm Temp Control Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress

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Sleepform 25cm Temp Control Deluxe Memory Foam MattressSleepform 25cm Temp Control Deluxe Memory Foam MattressSleepform 25cm Temp Control Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress

Product Description

Always a Perfect Night Sleep

The unique structure of SleepForm™ mattresses ensures all parts of your body are fully supported, so your spine and joints rest in their natural positions. The addition of a unique temperature controlling layer, means a perfect night sleep.

1st Layer - Luxurious high quality quilted temperature controlling cover

Quilted temperature controlling washable zipped cover
The covers of all SleepForm™ mattresses are made from a revolutionary material called Outlast® which significantly reduces overheating and sweating, helping you to sleep more soundly and wake up refreshed.

The Outlast® material interacts with your body to help balance temperature by absorbing, storing and releasing the heat you produce, so you're not too hot or too cold ...just right™.

Outlast® was originally developed for NASA for use in space suits to protect astronauts from extreme temperature fluctuations experienced in space.

Only Outlast® has won the prestigious NASA Space Technology Certification for its temperature adaptive qualities. Other memory foam mattresses can get very hot as they don't contain temperature controlling Outlast®.

2nd Layer – Comfort

Luxurious high density memory foam layer designed to react to your temperature making the memory foam instantly contour to your body. It makes the mattress luxuriously soft, whilst being thoroughly supportive.

3rd Layer - Support

Superior support and pressure relieving memory foam layer, ensuring your posture is correct and your spine and joints rest in their natural positions. This will prevent the potential causes of a wide range of body pains and by having the correct posture at night, you'll also feel better during the day.

Our advanced visco-elastic memory foam is manufactured from technology developed by NASA for the space program. This was originally designed to relieve the pressure build up from the G force experienced by astronauts.

4th Layer – Additional Support

Extra resilience Reflex® 360 foam layer providing the necessary support to the visco- elastic memory foam to ensure your body is in the correct sleeping posture.

Technical Details

  • 25cm total depth including 10cm of memory foam (2.5cm of 85kgm3 density and 7.5cm of 65kgm3 density)
  • Cover: outlast unzipable for washing purposes
  • Packing : vacuum carton packed to prevent damage during transportation

Characteristics of Sleepform Memory Foam

  • Zero pressure point means 80% less tossing and turning resulting in 90% better sleep quality.
  • Dustproof, antibacterial, anti-dustmite and complies with BS5852 & BS7177 and Intentional CAL117.
  • Absorb sweat and allow air circulation, anti-fungal.
  • Better anti-jamming than spring mattress
  • Better for spines as no need to turn over.
  • Better for people suffering from lumbago, backache, spurs, spine injury, post-operation, bedsores and arthritis.
  • It's design is based on ergonomics and conforms to your sleeping posture, supporting your spine completely.
  • Always recovers to it's original shape with no distortion.