SleepForm™ memory foam consists of billions of open, spherical-shaped cells that are viscoelastic, meaning they are solid yet have liquid properties. This viscoelastic property, in addition to the memory foam's temperature and weight sensitivity, enable the cells to shift position and reorganise to conform to your body contours. The memory foam material softens in warmer areas where the body makes the most contact with the surface and remains firmer in cooler areas, where less contact is made. By absorbing and evenly distributing your body's weight over its surface, the memory foam eliminates uncomfortable pressure points.


Memory foam mattress and pillows

SleepForm Memory Foam 
The SleepForm™ memory foam gently moulds to your body's own individual shape, weight, and temperatures so you feel a weightless, pressure-free comfort. It gently supports every part of your body, relieving the pressure that can reduce circulation. The result is less tossing and turning and more restful sleep. You'll love the way the memory foam slowly reacts as you lie down, giving you an almost weightless sensation.

Spring Mattresses Don't Provide Adequate Support
When sleeping on a spring mattress, your body is not fully supported. During the night your body mainly rests on the neck, shoulders, hips and ankles. The spring mattress actually pushes against your body, just like when you push on a spring to compress it, it will create a counter pressure by trying to come back to its full state. This counter pressure actually pushes your body into unnatural positions and restricts the blood flow, causing you to toss and turn during the night and feeling uncomfortable in the morning.


Other Memory Foam Mattresses Get Very Hot
Many people find that lying on our competitor's memory foam mattresses creates additional heat and increases sweating. This is due to the very nature of memory foam reacting to your body temperature and heating up the foam.

Not too hot, not too coldSleepForm™ Keeps Your Ideal Temperature All Night
With SleepForm™ you will not be overheated and wake up sweating like other memory foam mattresses, this is due to the unique NASA endorsed temperature controlling cover, called Outlast®. This cover has the ability to keep the heat in the mattress as needed to maintain the supportive contours, yet you are kept at your optimal temperature throughout the night. So you're not too hot or too cold … just right™.

Other mattresses including leading brands do not contain Outlast® temperature controlling cover and therefore won't have the ability to keep you from overheating during the night.


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