What our customers have to say about our memory foam products?

"Just wanted to contact you to say thanks for making our lives wonderful with your mattress. Its comfortable like sleeping on a cloud and the temperature control cover is brilliant. We have a Deluxe king-size mattress. In terms of your 60 day guarantee, we wouldn’t let you have the mattress back even if you begged us! The only trouble we have with it is the children keep getting in with us as they find it so comfortable they come in with any excuse. Thanks again."
Stephanie Murie, Bradford, West Yorkshire

"I have been using the mattress for a while now after it was recommended to me by a chiropractor. Although I was told it may take a few days for me to get used to it I took to it straight away. When you first lie on the mattress it feels slightly hard but rapidly you start to feel it adapt to your shape and after that it feels incredibly comfortable. The Outlast system obviously works because I haven’t found any issues with overheating. Overall it has made a great improvement to my sleeping and the only problem I found is not wanting to get out of bed in the morning !!"
Mr Counter, Poole

"For years I have been sleeping on a hard mattress because that was what I was recommended for my bad back, but after sleeping on your mattress for the past three weeks, I awake in the morning almost pain free. I cannot speak too highly of it."
Mr Newell, Bishop's Stortford

"When I first heard about your unique design, I really didn't think it would live up to expectations. Yet, with the 60 night trial, it gave us a chance to find out for ourselves. After one night of blissful sleep, I knew it wasn't going back"
Mr Davis, Cambridge

"My husband has a thermostat set at boiling point, yet for me I need lots of covers to keep warm during the night. So either I froze or he was in a sauna! With this Outlast® heat regulating cover, it really has radically changed our sleep during the night. Amazingly we are kept at our own right temperature all night. Thank you so much!"
Mrs Hargreaves, Bath

"The best investment I made was to buy your mattress. I love the mattress and will never give it up. For the first time, I am dreading going on holiday because I will not have my mattress with me."
Mr Andrews, Edinburgh

"I just love the feeling of sinking into that mattress because it felt like a special design, just for my body. I slept so deeply and woke up so rested, that it was simply wonderful."
Mrs Forbes, Hatfield

"What a delight! It's a fantastic product and, unlike so many other products on the market today, it works! Nice to see a promise delivered. Congratulations on a job well done."
Mr South, Mansfield

"Some say that other leading brands are good, but we think this is better. It is so more affordable and it has that heat regulating cover…it works!
Mr Branford, Carlisle

"We've been using your mattress for about 6 months now. We have told many of our friends and they all think we are a bit crazy to rave so much about our mattress. Thanks for the great product. It has made a big difference in our sleep habits."
Mrs Jones, Cardiff

"We have had our SleepForm mattresses for a full week now, (and no you cannot have it back!!!) I had to write to say they are wonderful. I have had chronic back pain for years due to my riding. I am now out of pain and am getting a fantiastic night's sleep. Your pillows have also appeared to have stopped my husbands snoring! Your staff have been unfailing polite, helpful, efficient and charming. I am so impressed with your company. This is the best thing I have purchased in a good many years. It is like sleeping on air. May I truly wish your company a long and lasting success with such excellence."
Mrs Selwood, Gloucestershire

"The SleepForm mattress topper is brilliant and we have no hesitation recommending SleepForm to our friends"
Mr & Mrs Watkeys, Norwich