Do I need to turn the Mattress? 
The mattress shouldn’t be turned over, but needs to be turned 180 degrees at least every 6 months. The memory foam should always be at the top with the zip underneath.

What maintenance does the mattress need?
The mattress needs no maintenance, although the Outlast ® cover may require occasionally cleaning.

Is the Outlast ® cover machine washable?
The mattress covers and pillow covers can be washed using a 40 degree heat setting or lower. If you chose to wash the cover, please either hang it to dry or tumble dry on a cool heat setting. The cover can also be dry cleaned.

What is the firmness level of your mattresses?
Our mattresses tend to be a medium firmness, although the top memory foam layer provides instant comfort and softness. If you find the mattress is a little firmer than required; unzipping and loosening the cover will help. It is possible to remove the cover completely if desired.

How long will it take to get used to the mattress?
In many cases you will experience benefit in a the first few days . However some with particular neck or back problems will take a little while longer for your body to adjust to the new support during the night. So if you initially feel a little discomfort, it is just your body readjusting your muscles and structure to where they should be. It certainly will be worth it!

Can I use an electric blanket with the mattress?
We do not recommend using electric blankets with the mattress as the direct heat over extended periods may damage it. Although with the Outlast cover adapting to your thermal needs, we won't anticipate there a requirement for an electric blanket.

Can the visco elastic foam be washed?
No the foam should not be washed, if an accident does occur, the foam can be gently hosed down. Please remove any excess water and dry outside in the sun.

What is Visco-elastic memory foam?
NASA originally developed Visco elastic memory foam. It moulds to the Individual curves of your body providing posturepedic support all along your spine and returns back to its original shape afterwards.

What is Outlast®
Outlast® is an advanced heat management material designed by NASA. It regulates your temperature by adsorbing body heat when you create too much and releasing it when you need it most. This means your body is maintained at the right temperature.

Will Outlast ® work effectively with a sheet over the mattress
Yes, the Outlast ® material is just as effective when used in conjunction with a normal mattress sheet. Place a bottom sheet over the mattress and use as usual. The mattresses should not be used with a mattress protector as this will impact upon the benefit of Outlast ®.

Is the mattress fire retardant?
Yes the mattress fully conforms to UK furniture and furnishings fire safety regulations. Please be aware of many other foreign imports that do not adhere to the strict UK regulations.

What happens to any mattresses returned after the 60 day trial?
We have very few mattresses returned and these are used for promotional purposes only. We do not re-sell returned mattresses.

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